On inappropriate gifts

A bookkeeper friend of mine told me how her former employers – a married couple running an advertising firm – used to give her racy lingerie as their annual Christmas gift to her. She found this mortifying. The bosses gave Sharon the negligees, teddies etc, because they genuinely thought they would be luxurious and exciting for her, something a little different. Apparently it never crossed their minds that gifts of sexy knickers could be considered patronising, cause embarrassment or even be misconstrued (as a subtle invitation to a threesome, for example).

My advice: underwear as a gift is rarely appropriate. The exceptions being:

1) between people who are in a sexual relationship (and even then, you’d better get the size and style right!) and

2) it’s okay, and even customary in some families, for grandmothers to give their grandchildren underwear, of the plain cotton variety.  Even though the grandkids won’t be much enthused about it.

For everyone else – steer well clear!


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