The gift room

Candy Spelling, of the Spelling TV dynasty, allegedly has a room in her mansion dedicated to the sole purpose of wrapping presents: a desk for performing gift surgery wrapping, and racks of lovely paper, ribbons, rosettes and other trimmings.  (Actually, I now discover it’s three rooms – apparently one isn’t sufficient.)  You can view and read more here.

Me, I make do with a large plastic storage bin for gift bags and wrapping paper, both new and (very lightly) used.  It’s stored under the staircase.  And in a bedroom, one drawer for ribbons and bows, one drawer for greeting cards, and two drawers for storing gifts-in-waiting: mistake purchases that might be right for someone else one day, gifts that I can’t use but might be good for regifting, that sort of thing.  Wrapping takes place on the kitchen table. 

Candy Spelling would not be impressed, I’m sure.  But for me – well, it’ll do ’til my mansion comes along.


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