Christmas: how soon is too soon?

Last Saturday my mother-in-law told me about a half-price sale a local homewares store was having over the weekend. “It’d be great for picking up some presents for Christmas,” she added.

This remark took me by surprise. Her suggestion was a good one, but it simply hadn’t occurred to me to start shopping for Christmas this early, even just casually.

I’ve heard of people who do their Christmas shopping on 26 December, snapping up post-Christmas bargains to give next Christmas. Yet I’ve never had the inclination to do so myself (although I do pick up discount Christmas cards, wrapping and decorations to stash away for next year).  It just seems too early; I can’t focus on gift-buying, one year away. So much can change in a person’s life during that time, and influence what I might want to get for them.

My Christmas radar doesn’t seem to activate until July, when it’s officially the second half of the year. Which, come to think of it, is only a month away. Maybe I should’ve checked out that sale…


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