“One great thing”

Once in a long while I’ll stumble across a gift that somehow ‘works’ for a wide variety of people, young or old. I call them “one great thing”.  They are rare finds, but make terrific gifts when you discover them.

My latest “one great thing” is Tamsin Cooper’s silk embroidered purses, which lately have been serving as great gifts for my female friends and relatives. 

This is because the purses are:

  • attractive. People appreciate something that’s nice to look at.
  • useful. Either for lipstick and mascara in your handbag, or stashed in your underwear drawer for storing hankies or tampons – it’s the sort of thing everyone can find a use for.
  • good quality. The colours are clear, the stitching is strong, the silk is lustrous…everybody likes a well-made gift using quality materials.

It also doesn’t hurt that Tamsin Cooper has developed a reputation as a stylish brand, so there’s the added aura – for those who care about that sort of thing – of having a ‘name’ gift.

So, for a while, this is my “one great thing”…but I’m always on the lookout for the next.


How do you find them? Getting out and looking is the only way, I’m afraid – you have to hunt them out. But window-shopping at design stores, boutiques and craft markets is a good place to start. (Further thoughts on great places to shop coming soon.)

[Full disclosure: I’m not paid by Tamsin Cooper, friends with her, related to her, or in any way ‘in her service’. I just genuinely like her stuff.]


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