Don’t forget the gift for you

A few years ago I travelled around Europe for some months.  I didn’t have much money (or luggage room, for that matter), so I bought gifts carefully. 

In due course I returned home and gave the gifts to friends and family.  And eventually realised, when the last treasured item was gone, that I’d bought nothing for myself

Now when out visiting, I often see those souvenirs I chose so carefully – like the pretty Talavera-made pottery milk jugs I bought in Spain – and I kind of wince.  I don’t regret for a minute having given the gifts.  But I do think: “I really should’ve bought one of those for me too.”

I have the memories from my trip, and some photos, notes and postcards.  But I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t pick up a memento or two for me. 

Of course, this oversight can occur right at home, too.  You buy a fabulous gift for someone, half-wishing you were the lucky recipient.  Hold that thought!  Either pick up another one at the same time, or drop a very specific hint to a loved one that you’d adore one of these for Christmas/ birthday/ Mother’s Day/ etc.

Don’t miss out!


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