The last necklace

Last year I heard a young work colleague vow he would never buy his girlfriend any jewellery again, ever. The reason? Ed had bought her a yellow-gold necklace, and she not only exchanged it for a white-gold one, but got him to pay the extra money the white-gold version cost (which was quite a bit more). He was offended at her nerve – and I don’t blame him!

I could only wince at his girlfriend’s callowness; she is a sweet girl, but had blithely hurt Ed’s feelings – and showed a serious lack of class – in her desire to satisfy her personal preferences. One day perhaps she’ll come to understand that, although exchanging gifts is generally acceptable (depending on your relationship with the giver), demanding extra money from the giver in order to ‘upgrade’ your gift is never okay. In fact, it’s a solid-gold way to guarantee fewer gifts from that person in future.


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