Gifts for the sole

Yes, sole.  I’m a big fan of foot-related gifts, partly because I have sensitive feet that can easily get cold or sore. 

Most of the gift-type products on the market seem to be luxury things like foot spas and pedicure sets.  On which note: I have no issue with foot spas (although I do notice how many near-new spas seem to end up in second-hand shops).

Here are some different gift ideas for friends and family, particularly those who are on their feet for most of the day:

  • Wool or fur insoles. Incredibly warm and luxurious, and ideal for those living in a cold climate.  I recommend Kozitoez’ sheepskin and possum fur insoles. (I’m not usually a fur wearer, but possums are an introduced pest in New Zealand, and cause massive damage to the natural wildlife.) Walking on lovely warm, fluffy insoles is a luxurious experience – the recipient will be singing your praises with every step s/he takes!
  • Padded or orthotic insoles.  In recent years these have become available in most pharmacies.  I’ve found orthotic insoles offer arch support that may be missing in shoes, meaning your foot hurts more and more as the day goes by.  Great for people who are on their feet all day.  Not a very glamorous gift, but would make a good ‘stocking filler’.
  • Foot massage voucher.  For those of us who love foot rubs, the idea of a half-hour foot massage is sheer bliss.  However, there are plenty of others who would run a mile at the thought. So be sure you know which camp your loved one is in!

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