Christmas: on the far horizon

It’s 1 July!  (Aagh – how did it come around so soon?)  Which means that Christmas is now on the far horizon: distant, but within view if you focus hard enough. 

This time of the year means I can now start thinking about Christmas gifts.  Probably not buying – unless I come across an incredibly suitable gift or an unmissable bargain – but perhaps starting to make lists.

Here’s the general approach:

  1. Get out your address book/ mobile phone directory/ Filofax/ whatever and thumb through it, noting down anyone you would like to make contact with at Christmas.
  2. Of those names, sort them into two lists: those you plan to give presents to, and those you plan to send (only) Christmas cards to.  This helps you get a feel for the scale of things: your ‘gift’ list might be short and sweet, or worryingly long; either way, you’ve now got a better idea of how many gifts you’ll be buying.

And that’s usually enough, for a limbering up exercise in early July.  If you’re keen for more, the next step is to identify those on the ‘gift’ list you find difficult to buy for, so you can start looking at options for them.  The earlier you tackle this thorny problem, the less stressed you will be and the more you’ll enjoy your Christmas shopping.  But more on the ‘hard to buy for’s later in the year.


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