What a card!

I’m a big fan of greeting cards. (Not just pretty ones, though those are good too.) But once in a while you’ll spot a card that is really brilliant – it makes you laugh out loud and you just know the person it’s intended for will do the same.

The wording is unfortunately forgotten now, but I remember years ago seeing a card that did exactly that – it summed up everything that needed to be said, in the funniest way. I sent it to a family member; she roared with laughter when she opened it, and raved about it to me later. The belly laughs it gave us were just as good as any gift-wrapped present.

In another example, a friend searched for the perfect birthday gift for her son, then serving overseas in the armed forces. He had plenty of money and was serving in locations all around the world – he could get all the ‘stuff’ he wanted. In the end, what she sent was a special greeting card, the type that has a miniature recording device in it so you can record your own personal message. The whole family recorded a birthday greeting to him, and the card was soon winging its way to him. I’ll bet he appreciated that card as a truly wonderful and unique gift for bringing him close to his loved ones.

Of course, the only way to find such distinctive cards, apart from making them yourself, is to get out and look. A 10 minute browse in your favourite stationery store every now and then should be plenty, and will help you stumble across the occasional ‘gem’ that will linger in memory for years.



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