On not overdoing it

Some people are “hard to buy for” and we hear about them from time to time. Who we don’t hear much about – for obvious reasons – are the “easy to buy for” people.

I have several friends and family members whom I find ridiculously easy to buy for: they have a wide variety of hobbies and interests, and their personal preferences are well known to me.

But just this week I’ve had to reel myself in from “overdoing it”. It’s a friend’s birthday soon; she’s from the “easy to buy for” camp. I had planned: a bottle of bubbly for her to share with her husband (she loves champers), a nice couple of gifts she’ll like, and was on the verge of organising a birthday cake and a little surprise party with some friends when I realised I was going Over The Top.

The thing is, this is a relatively new friend (made within the last year) and although everything I had planned would have been lovely and I know she would have enjoyed it all, it was nevertheless starting to look a bit excessive. Like maybe I had a crush on her or something; especially as her other friends and relatives probably won’t be going to such lengths.

So, a little reluctantly – but sensibly – I’ve knocked the cake and surprise party on the head, and one of the gifts. Which will be much more appropriate to our relationship.

At the end of the day, just because someone is easy to buy for doesn’t mean we should go overboard with gifts for them, lest it embarrass them or freak them out. And after all – there’s always Christmas and future birthdays.



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