Remembering birthdays (and other important dates)

It’s all very well giving great gifts, but what if you forget the person’s birthday in the first place? 

The good news is, these days there are a range of simple, automated, and usually free, internet-based services that allow you to key in the relevant birthday dates, and receive email or text prompts about them in advance.  Here are some you may like to check out

Facebook also notes upcoming birthdays of your Facebook friends, in the ‘Events’ section.  But under its current configuration, this section appears  under the Highlights section, so is near the bottom of the page and can easily be overlooked.

I’m currently trying out Birthday Pal.  Although I’m pretty good at remembering, during busy periods I can forget to look at my birthday calendar – a “perpetual (no year given) calendar” in which I mark down key birthdays.  So hopefully Birthday Pal will help me make sure that no further lapses occur.


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