“Hard to buy for”: it could be you

I was flabbergasted when, several years ago in the lead-up to Christmas, a close friend confessed that she found me “hard to buy for”.

Who, me?

But there are so many things I would love to receive!

And then I stopped to think about it, and realised: how on earth would Donna know what those things are?

For the gifts I would appreciate receiving are not obvious to anyone but myself: a funky keyring glimpsed while browsing in a gift shop; an interesting book seen in a shop window; some gourmet chocolates I once sampled.

Unless they’re mind-readers, my friends and family are never going to know about these hankerings. And I don’t have any notable hobbies or collections or specific passionate interests, which gives them fewer ‘hooks’ to work with.

So, realising that I am indeed one of the “hard to buy for” types, I now make more of an effort to throw some hints to my loved ones about potential gift ideas.  Think about it for yourself: could you, too, be “hard to buy for”, but blissfully unaware of it?



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