On the uselessness of “corporate gifts”

Corporate gifts – are they crap or what? So goes the title of Guttertrash’s rant about the uselessness of corporate gifts (caution: as the blog title suggests, it’s a bit potty-mouthed).

The blogger has a point. Although, in fairness, he or she just seems to just be looking for something to whack a logo onto, which is not exactly a creative approach either. I’ve seen any number of coffee-mugs-with-logos gathering dust on the shelves of charity shops – evidently even the employees they were given to didn’t even want them.

I can’t say I’ve had all that much joy on the receiving of corporate gifts myself. From memory, the best one was the Christmas that ICI gave all the employees on our industrial site a big tin of sampler biscuits and a frozen chicken. Neither gift had an ICI logo on them, yet I still remember the gifts – which surely must say something – and that they were both eaten within the next 24 hours, as I recall!

A friend tells me the best one she ever got was a good quality leather luggage tag, which she still uses many years, and many jobs, later.


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2 Responses to “On the uselessness of “corporate gifts””

  1. mattandjimmy Says:

    That was a great find… the comments on that post had some great gift tips for me :).

    From my experience as well, I think that the best corporate gifts don’t actually have logos on them. If it’s a good gift, the recipient will remember who gave it, and it’s not a true gift it’s just free advertising.

  2. kate200 Says:

    I agree – after all, when *we* give gifts, we don’t have our names acid-etched onto them, to ensure that the recipient knows darned well who to be grateful to! I think that, if any logo is added, it should be small and discreet, rather than an in-your-face, shouting-at-you, largest-size-possible logo, which is all too often the norm.

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