Saving it for a rainy day

'Stella' ribbon

'Stella' ribbon

Thanks to having a ‘gift drawer’ (about which more in a later post), I have a place to put random things that I think might make good gifts one day.

Among them, until recently, was a purple satin ribbon with the name ‘Stella’ picked out on it in tiny silver dots.  I received it some years ago (five?  more?) in a department store, as some sort of promotional giveaway for the launch of Stella McCartney’s perfume ‘Stella’.

The ribbon was simply too pretty and well made to throw away.  But what to use it for?  I knew nobody called Stella, after all.  But I figured: one day, I might.

And sure enough, two days ago, a friend gave birth to a baby girl named…drumroll… Stella!  I’ve popped the ribbon in with the card and gift.  I’m sure it’ll please the family to receive a personalised little gift-ette like this – something they can use in a myriad of practical ways, or just have as a keepsake.

And to think I could’ve thrown that ribbon in the trash.


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