Smelling like roses is such a dated concept

Exhibit A: NOT a basket of muffins - but smells like one.

Exhibit A: NOT a basket of muffins - but smells like one.

Today I am passing on a gift, in the dawning realisation that I will never, ever use it.

After the birth of my baby 15 months ago, two people sent me toiletry kits so that I could “pamper” myself. One kit contained coconut-scented products; it was given to charity some time ago; I love coconut but don’t wish to smell like one.

The other kit, which is finally going west today, comprises: raspberry walnut body scrub and vanilla sugar massage lotion (plus a sponge and body brush). Hello? Raspberry walnut? Vanilla sugar? If we’re talking muffins here, count me in! I’ll be first in the queue. But to put those smells on my body? No thanks!

My message is: when it comes to scented products, if you can’t afford good quality products with good quality scents (preferably based on botanicals rather than edibles), don’t buy ‘em! Cheap is definitely not cheerful.

So the raspberry et al toiletry kit is finally going to the charity shop today. I would throw it out, and put an end to this scary, bad-idea product, but it seems wasteful. So I’m hoping that there is somebody out there that truly wants to emerge from the bathroom smelling like a teacake. You never know!



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