Not an ingrate (truly)

I know I’m going to get flack for Sunday’s post, of the “But it’s the thought that counts, you ingrate!” variety.

I do realise that, honestly I do, and I am truly grateful to the people who sent me those gifts to celebrate my daughter’s birth.  But in the case of the toiletry kits, clearly the thought was not simply, “I want to give her a gift” but more specifically “…a gift that costs no more than $7.99”. 

Not that I have a problem with anyone wanting to spend a modest amount on a gift – we all have budgets to keep to.  But I truly think it’s better to give a smaller, quality gift rather than a bigger, tackier one.  For example, a single scented candle or a fabulously decorated gourmet cupcake or a small posy of fresh flowers.



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