Travel chic

Your bag at a glance: BagTag luggage labels

A popular travel tip is to tie something distinctive onto your luggage – like a big plaid ribbon on the handle – to make it stand out amidst a hundred other near-identical bags at the airport luggage carousel.

Well ‘My BagTag’ has come up with a creative variation on the ‘big red ribbon’. This is a gift that’s ideal for anyone likely to travel within the next year or so – it’s useful, creative, attractive, personalise-able, not very expensive, and lightweight (which is handy if you’re posting the gift).

I love the way you can pick bagtags with different travel themes (which they call ‘collections’). So, for someone who’s planning to go to England within the next year, you could get them a bagtag with, say, Big Ben on it.

They also do ‘food and drink’ themes, music and dance, flowers, animals, sports, and more.  Plus abstract designs for those who want something more general, and bagtags for kids.

Update, January 2010: as my in-laws now have an overseas trip scheduled for later this year, I’ve bought them both a set of BagTags for their luggage, as pictured above.


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