One great thing: Smarter Than Jack

I have previously posted about the joy of finding “one great thing” – a versatile item that works as a wonderful gift for all sorts of people.

My best find to date was a new book called “Smarter Than Jack“, a collection of 87 true animal stories, submitted by their owners – some of the stories were sad and moving, some of them were funny, many of them were amazing, and all of them were interesting.

That book made a terrific Christmas present back in 2002, because it “worked” for everyone: those who liked to read, those who didn’t like to read so much (because the stories were all quite short, so the book wasn’t too demanding), for older children, for adults, for males, for females.  And most people like animals, especially smart, funny or clever ones like those featured in the stories. 

I got great feedback about that book.  It also had the twin bonuses of:

– making Christmas that year very simple, because so I didn’t have to find a variety of gifts.

– getting a tenth book free, thanks to the bookstore’s 10-trip card for purchasing books.

The first “Smarter Than Jack” book has since spawned a range of  related titles, but I haven’t given any further of them as gifts, not wanting to get a reputation for repeatedly giving animal books as gifts.  But it did make a spectacular one-off, and I’m always on the look-out for the next “one great thing”.


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