Birthday reminders – an update

Further to my earlier post about automated birthday reminders, here’s how I fared:

First of all I tried Birthday Pal, which – although very easy to use – was ultimately unsuccessful, because it never generated the scheduled email reminders to me that I input.  Perhaps the service has ceased, but the website is still ticking over?  I’ll never know.

Next I tried Birthday Alarm, which started off nice and easy to become a member.  Until Step 2 – which required template emails to be sent to my friends and family members, asking them to input their birthday dates.  Now that didn’t suit me at all!  Do I want to bother my loved ones with annoying emails (which might look to be spam or a phishing attempt, and therefore need some checking out), when I already know their birthdays?  No!  I just want to input their birthdays directly – I have the dates right here beside me.  But Birthday Alarm wouldn’t let me complete Step 2 of the membership log-in until I’d selected email addresses to send said emails to.  So, scratch Birthday Alarm too.

HappyBirthday.Com I skipped completely because, like Birthday Alarm, it requires the birthday people themselves to enter in their details – details which I already know and am happy to input myself.

BigDates charges a fee for its service ($10/year), so scratch that one as well.

The other idea suggested was Yahoo! Calendar.  I no longer have a Yahoo! account, but as I’m with Google, I thought I’d check out what options they have.  Sure enough, they have a Google Calendar option, and so far it’s proving smart and easy (and free).  I can input the key dates, select how long I want them to recur for, and organise reminders up to four weeks in advance.  So far, it’s looking very promising.


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