Christmas 2009: let the shopping commence!

I don’t know quite when it happened, but sometime in September, I started buying Christmas presents. Not major ones – just CDs so far, in fact.  [As I’ve previously blogged, music-related presents make great gifts.]

One was found when I was looking through the racks for something else entirely, and it occurred to me that this CD – Michael Parkinson: my life in music – has exactly the sort of music that my father-in-law likes – classic jazz standards and the like; lots of Sinatra. Rather than return for it closer to Christmas, when it might not be there (it was the only copy in the store) I decided to bag it now.

The second one is an Elvis CD. My mother-in-law mentioned recently that, when she was growing up she was a big Elvis fan, and much prefers his music to that of The Beatles. So I’ve been looking for a copy of Elvis 1s – but oddly, couldn’t find it in any music stores, even though it’s only a couple of years old. Which was probably a good thing, in the end: I snagged a brand new copy on an internet auction site, for about two-thirds of the price I would have paid in a shop.

So, that’s the beginning of it.


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