Get well soon!

I’ve been browsing for ‘get well soon’ cards today, on account of a family friend having had a heart attack recently.

It took some doing to find one that was just right for Richard.  I was amused at one range of cards that pictured, in the style of the Old Masters, an assortment of elegant wines and cheeses.  I suppose the idea being: “Get well soon, so you can enjoy a lovely Beaujolais and rocquefort again.”  But the reality is, for heart attack (and many other) patients – they’ve got many weeks of hospital recovery and won’t be allowed anything like rich food of this sort for ages.  So the card actually becomes a kind of taunt:  “Nyah nyah, you can’t have any of this!”

Plus, in Richard’s case, he’s an alcoholic.  Well, a recovered alcoholic (if that’s the term.)  He’s been on the wagon for more than 20 years now, but I figure, a card with wine on it is probably not a good look.



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