A beautifully ‘wrapped’ table

I recently read that it’s a good idea to start planning your Christmas dinner table colour scheme and decorations about two months out from Christmas.  Which means….now!

This advance planning is so you can get your head around how your table will look and what things you’ll need to make your decor dreams a reality.  Then you can go out and buy any required items nice and early, before silly season descends.

I don’t tend to be quite so organised myself, but I can see the logic of this approach.  The hardest thing for me is getting the inspiration and ideas.  So here’s a tip: go to the Google website, click on ‘Images’, and do a search using the words ‘Christmas dinner table’.  Hundreds of images will pop up, of other people’s beautifully decorated tables.  Which should give you a jump start on ideas for planning your festive table. 

P.S.  I realise this post isn’t about gifts as such, but I figure people who are interested in gift-giving are probably interested in having a beautifully ‘dressed’ table on Christmas Day, just as much as they are in having beautifully wrapped gifts.



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