Thank-you notes: what NOT to write

Okay, having taken the trouble to put pen to paper to thank somebody for their kind wedding gift/engagement gift/anniversary gift/baby gift/etc, here’s what NOT to write:

“Thank you so much for your gift, we love it.”

Notice how the thank you is so bland that the gift itself is completely unspecified?  Kinda gives the impression that the recipient has NO FREAKIN’ IDEA what your gift was, huh? 

I’m assuming that this trend (if indeed it is a trend) towards generic thank-yous is to save time and effort, allowing every thank-you note to be more or less identical.  But to me it smacks of selfishness: “I just want to dash off these thank-you notes so I can get them out of the way.”

At risk of channelling Emily Post, let me advise this: always, always mention what the gift was – lest you plant a seed that you have no recollection whatsoever of what it was they gave you…giving rise to the impression that their gift was so unimportant, so unappealing, that you can’t even recall what it was exactly.  Not a good look.

Mentioning what the gift was won’t save you time, but it will prove that you’ve got class.



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