Glorious gingerbread houses

A gingerbread house kit makes a wonderful festive gift for children and families.  Gingerbread houses are popular in North America (where people often make them from scratch, too) but less well known in other countries, except possibly Germany, from where the tradition originates. 

Kits can be as basic as little cottages, or come in more elaborate forms like mansions, chateaux or castles.  There are some beautiful examples pictured at this blog, plus more information on gingerbread houses and kits.

Gingerbread house kits make great gifts because:

1.  Kids love building them – it’s fun, creative, unusual and edible.

2.  Parents love a gift that keeps their children occupied and learning, often for many hours.

3.  The whole family can be involved.

4.  The finished result is (usually) beautiful and (always) edible!

I gave a couple of kits as family gifts last Christmas, and they were great successes.  The fact that gingerbread houses are not a common tradition in my corner of the world makes the gift even more delightful for recipients, due to the novelty factor.


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