The banished blankie

I glimpsed a beautiful handknitted baby blanket at a second-hand shop recently.  It was expertly knitted, with blue bows crocheted onto every other square. 

Thinking it might make a great baby gift, I picked it up – only to discover the named “Aiden” had likewise been worked, in blue yarn, into the centre of the blanket.

It was such an adorable blanket, presumably a gift made for a beloved baby boy by a doting and skilled grandmother.  Yet the parents had chucked it out when it was no longer of use. 

I’m a BIG fan of moving things along when they are no longer of use – life is full of clutter, and we can’t keep everything.  But a unique item like a handmade personalised baby blanket?  What were Aiden’s parents thinking?  The blankie would have been a wonderful keepsake – ultimately, an heirloom piece – for Aiden and his family one day, and wouldn’t take up much room if tucked securely away in an attic or basement.

I put the blanket back on the shelf and went back to my shopping, feeling a little sorry for the unknown child Aiden.  Some gifts, in my opinion, are so full of love and sentiment that they deserve keeping – and, although perhaps unecessary and unused for a few years, they will come into their own again one day.


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