Directional gift

Okay, so here’s an off-the-wall gift suggestion: a map book.

You see, so many people just don’t ever seem to “get around” to getting themselves a good quality, up-to-date street map of their city and surrounds.  (I think we’d all like cars to just be automatically issued with them, the way Gideon bibles are always in motel rooms!)

The upshot is that many people only find that they don’t have a good street map – or any map – in their car is when they’re trying to find someplace they haven’t been before, and thought they could find their way, but…not quite.

So if you know someone who needs a good map book (usually because you’ve travelled as a passenger with them and seen them come a cropper when trying to find a new destination), do consider getting them one.  A good quality one, spiral bound for ease of use.

They won’t thank you, mind – or not at the time.  You’ll probably get a reaction like: “Oh…a map book…gosh…thanks…” – so you might want to get them something else, too, a little more appealing than a boring ol’ map book!

But mark my words, despite the initial tepid reaction, they’ll spend the next 20 years blessing you every time they reach for the glovebox to retrieve that excellent, useful map book you gave them way back when.


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