If only I’d known!

I had a roommate some years ago who, after learning in passing that my birthday had recently occurred (such as after having observed a recent gift), had a habit of exclaiming, “It was your birthday last week?  Oh, you should have told me!”

The implication being, of course, that she too would have gotten me a card or a present for my birthday – if only she’d known the date.

We roomed together for three years and, upon the second and third exclamations of belated birthday surprise, I had to bite my tongue from pointing out: “You keep a birthday calendar right here on the kitchen wall.  You could have written my birthday on on that calendar last time you heard it was my birthday.  If you’d wanted to.”

But in the interests of domestic harmony, I kept my trap shut.  Which I still think was the right thing to do.  After all, we’re still friends!  And I have the funny feeling that we wouldn’t be if I’d pointed out her deliberate birthday blind spot. 

Understand, I didn’t care about her buying me a present.  For many years now I’ve actually preferred giving gifts to getting ’em.  But her deliberate, pretend forgetfulness – she was no bimbo – did rankle with me.

Ever have something like that happen to you?


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