Sad Christmas in the Woods house

This morning it crossed my mind that, in light of recent events, it is going to be a very sad Christmas in the Tiger Woods/Elin Nordegren household.  For the adults, anyway – hopefully the children will be perfectly happy and oblivious to the tension, anger and sadness that may be simmering between their parents. 

Even if Tiger does buy Elin a four million dollar ‘Kobe special’ diamond ring in order to make up for his “transgressions” (his word), I don’t know whether a diamond, even one the size of a golf ball, can undo the hurt that Elin must be experiencing.  And what will she buy him for Christmas?  A diamond-studded leash, to try and keep him on the porch from now on?

So all in all, these developments have come at the worst possible time for the Woods family.  If the news had blown up in, say, January or February, they would have all the rest of the year to try and work things out and get their marriage back on an even keel.  But as it stands, this Christmas and for many Christmases to come, Tiger and Elin will inevitably remember “that” Christmas back in 2009.


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