Judgement Day

It’s so easy to judge people by the gifts they give.  And sometimes assign blame or hurt where the present is found to be deficient, or insuffient. 

There is, perhaps, a place for that.  Sometimes a poor gift can be such a slap in the face that it is surely deliberate.  And you may want to act on that.

However there are other people who are simply…how can I say this…crap at giving presents.  And yet are otherwise very nice and generous people.  Some folk are just a bit hare-brained, lazy or clueless when it comes to the planning and buying/making of gifts. 

I have a few friends like this – lovely people but evidently underdeveloped in the ‘gift giving’ section of their brain.  For example, one acquaintance of mine says she’s giving her husband a bottle of gin for Christmas.  A bottle of gin???  In fairness, gin is apparently his top-shelf tipple of choice.  But there’s no style or love or creativity – it seems to me – in a big ol’ bottle of spirits.  And that’s all she was getting him.  Yet this gal is not poor and she loves her husband very much.  But she’s one of the ‘giving challenged’.  Another friend is giving her husband a couple of tee shirts.  “Well, he got me a boring birthday present,” she justified herself, “so he can get a boring Christmas present from me.”  Again, this lady is actually crazy about her husband – though perhaps you’d never guess that from her comment – it’s just that she’s not very motivated about presents.

Anyhow, all I’m trying to say here is that if you’re disappointed by some of the gifts you receive, before judging the giver/s too hard, have a look at your relationship with them.  Are they usually kind and caring?  Do they give everyone dodgy presents?  If so, you may simply have to accept that gift-giving is not one of their many talents, and not hold it too much against them.


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