The “panic” gift

I got a “panic” gift just before Christmas. 

I’d sent a box of chocolates to my cousin and his wife, with a Christmas card and some recent family photos.  He mustn’t have expected anything, because a week or so later, just before Christmas, I received a hastily wrapped (or so it looked) gift, with a Christmas card; inside it read, in essence: “Dear cousin, Merry Christmas, from your cousin and family”. 

Why do I think this was a panic gift?  Well, apart from the late date and done-in-haste wrapping, I think the card was the giveaway.  No chatty note about family developments in 2009 or plans for 2010 – just the bare minimum.

I have no beef with this panic gift (if indeed it was a panic gift – I’m just speculating that it was).  I just think that sometimes people need to be able to accept unexpected gifts with grace and go, “Oh!  Okay.  That was nice of her.”  Rather than: “Ohmygod!  She got us a gift and we didn’t get her one!  Panic!”  And maybe just send a really nice thank you note, or if you want to reciprocate, send a New Year’s Gift, or make a note to be sure to send a gift next Christmas.

Sometimes it’s just better to relax…and not panic.


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