Stocking up

A fresh selection of wrapping paper for 2010

On a recent rainy day I went to a local Two Dollar Shop and splurged on gift wrapping paper to see me through 2010.  Supplies had gradually diminished during 2009, and towards the end of the year my gift wrapping was becoming more and more “creative”, out of necessity, as I re-used preloved wrapping paper and odds ‘n’ ends of new paper. 

So it was joyous to stock up on a wide range of discounted gift paper in a variety of styles: generic pretty; monochromatic; feminine; masculine; papers for the birth of new babies and birthdays of children; and so forth.  They’ll all go into my gift wrapping drawer, awaiting a suitable occasion.  I didn’t find much in the way of pretty ribbons – my stock of these is depleted as well – but I’m gonna keep my eye out for them over coming weeks.

I recommend this approach because at this time of year cards and wrapping paper are often heavily discounted in the post-Christmas sales.  Also, it’s a great time to stock up for the year ahead, while things are relatively quiet.  I find that buying giftwrap in advance actually helps me save money (and reduces stress), as I don’t have to rush out and buy full-price paper when a gift-giving occasion arises and I find I don’t have the right wrapping paper to hand.



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