Valentine’s cynics

You know, I can’t help observing that the men (it’s usually men) who get all scratchy about Valentine’s Day – grousing that it’s just a big, commercial rip-off – also never seem to do anything special for their loved ones on any other day of the year.

Is it a big, commercial rip-off?  Well, it’s hard to disagree on that point, what with the price of red roses quadrupling on that day, and so forth.  But – a hand-made card, or bringing breakfast in bed, or a bouquet of hand-picked garden flowers or wildflowers are, just to give a few examples, all gifts that cost nothing or next to nothing.

I like to look at gift-giving days like Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, and even Christmas as ‘triggers’ to remind us to express our love and gratitude once a year (at least).  The extent to which we each make it expensive and commercial is our individual choice, really – and there are always low-cost, creative options which are as good as (and sometimes very much better) than anything store-bought.


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  1. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    Hi Kate – Do you have an e-mail address you use for Giftology? I was going to send something to you and realized I don’t have an address for you. If so, would you mind giving it to me at giftedmailbox[at]gmail[dot]com?

    Thanks so much.

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