When one size fits none

You know, the ‘one great thing’ approach (a fabulous gift that ‘works’ for a wide variety of gift recipients) can be taken too far.

Here’s a case in point: I know of someone who has taken to giving exactly the same present to everyone – an odd, pretty, but rather useless little espresso cup thingie, with rubber ‘angel’-type wings where a cup-handle would normally be.  Those wings make for a very hard-to-hold handle replacement, so maybe it’s not a cup.  It might actually be an eggcup. Or a toothpick holder.  Although it’s ideal for none of those purposes.

And by ‘gives it to everyone’, I mean everyone – from toddlers to seniors. Clearly, she has bought a gross of the items (probably on sale – I can imagine these mysterious china thingies being hard to shift) and simply doles them out to anyone and everyone, for birthday, Christmas or whatever, as a general-purpose present.

Perhaps some readers will protest, “But it’s the thought that counts!” True – but while this ‘one size fits all’ gift saves her time and money, it is – to my mind – not a thoughtful gift, as little or no thought has gone into choosing it. It is simply an easy way for her to economise on effort, rather than find a gift that suits each individual person. If the gift had a clear use – say, a home-baked cake or some pretty dishtowels – that would at least serve a purpose.

I’m still a fan of the ‘one great thing’ approach. But the important thing is that the gift has to be great.

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One Response to “When one size fits none”

  1. Nicole Says:

    Very well said and I couldn’t agree more!

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