Charitable gifts

I love the way that you can buy virtual, ‘charity-based gifts’, like these ones from Oxfam, to bring much needed supplies to the Third World, and a good feeling into people’s hearts.  These gifts are ideal for “hard to buy for” types, in particular wealthy people who already seem to have everything.

It’s a creative move on the part of charities, most of whom now seem to have a virtual gift range.  Twenty or more years ago, the only way you could give to a charity was to give it money.  Then some of them started opening gift shops and publishing gift catalogues, so you could buy products and the profits reaped would help fund the charity.  Then, within the past few years (it seems to me), somebody had the brainwave of saying: what if we had a range of ‘virtual gifts’, which would allow people to give money towards a specific item, like a live chicken or goat, or rubber sandals for leprosy sufferers, or an eye operation for a cataract sufferer?  Whoever it was, they were one clever cookie.


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One Response to “Charitable gifts”

  1. Nicole Says:

    That is clever… I don’t know if I’ve come across these yet, but I’m interested!

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