Possibly I am the last person in the Western world to learn about Etsy, a website dedicated to selling handmade and vintage goods.  It is a veritable treasure trove for the gift buyer, and has been generating some great buzz in the blogging community.

Most of the sellers are USA-based, but I understand this aspect is becoming less dominant as artisans from around the world increasingly come on board.  (But prices are in US dollars throughout, for consistency.)  The site has good usability and search functions, and a 5 minute look-around can easily stretch out to a half-hour or more, as one interesting item leads to a check on what else that particular designer makes, and so on…

(So far I’ve been unable to find out what Etsy means, or if it’s an acronym.  Perhaps somebody can enlighten me?)

Go on, check it out!  This is a great resource for original, and generally affordable, presents.


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