Karmic gifts

Ever given a gift to someone you wouldn’t expect?  Such as to someone with whom you don’t have that close a relationship?  A gift given without any expectation or likelihood of reciprocity – but given because it seems like “the right thing to do”? 

Occasionally, such gift opportunities fall in our path.  I know of two.  The first one was when I spotted a pretty little vintage piece of Coalport “souvenirware”, celebrating the little Welsh resort of Aberystwyth.  A woman I knew, who had recently been a work colleague of mine, had lived there for some years and recalled it with great fondness.  So when I saw this little inexpensive piece of memorabilia, I just had to buy it for Deb.  I stopped by her new workplace (she had started her own business) a week or so later and dropped it off to her.  She was surprised and thankful for the gift  – especially as I don’t think she even liked me that much!  In point of fact, I wasn’t close to her either – but I strongly felt that that wee china item was meant for her.  Maybe when she looks at it now, she thinks a little more warmly of her former colleague. 

Another example was a friend of mine who bought her husband, from whom she had recently and traumatically separated (at his behest), a beautiful birthday present.  It was a Wedgwood coffee mug, celebrating the anniversary of the launch of Concorde airplane.  She knew he loved the Concorde and would adore that high-quality, commemorative mug.  So, even though she could little afford it (Wedgwood doesn’t come cheap), she made the purchase.

“It was like a farewell salute,” she says.  “‘No hard feelings’.  Even though I did have hard feelings about why he had ended our marriage, giving that gift just felt like the right thing to do.  I have never regretted it.”


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