Creativity and gift-giving

I’ve heard of two guys, longtime friends, who give each other a tie for their birthday.

Boring? You’d think so. In fact it’s even the same tie. Because the challenge is not in the gift, which simply bounces back and forth between the givers like a tennis ball: the challenge is in the way in which it’s delivered. The more unusual and creative, the better.

For example, a couple of weeks before his birthday, one of the men came home to find a crushed car had been delivered to his house. A wrecker’s yard car, crushed right into a compact cube. The man just smiled, sighed, and walked into his garage to find his tin snips.

After two weeks of painstaking snipping at the twisted metal every evening, the tie was successfully retrieved from the car’s glovebox – where the giver had placed it before sending the jalopy to be crushed.

This story really tickles me. Sure, most of us don’t have the time or money to invest in buying a car just to put a present in (and surely this qualifies as the most bizarre gift-wrapping ever!), but I love the creativity and fun they bring to the gift-giving process.

P.S. This story is hearsay – I heard about it through word of mouth – but I believe and hope it’s true.


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