Gift lists: keeping tabs

Some people might recoil from it, but keeping lists of presents you’ve given, and even received, is a really useful thing to do.

I keep informal lists at the back of my diary, and add to it when I’m writing in it at night.  It’s an easy and convenient way to record the latest gifts and greeting cards in my life.

It may strike you as a little over-organised, even mercenary – how calculating, to keep score of something so personal!  You get or give a nice gift and think, Of course I’ll remember it!  But six months or a year later?  Not so much.  Life is busy and there is so much else going on.  I frequently can’t remember the gifts I’ve given or received, or the details (I know this vase was a birthday gift about five years ago, but who from?  Sylvia or Aunt Barbara?)  It’s also handy for when you’re wavering about whether or not to send a gift.  (Should I send a gift for Rebecca’s birthday?  Let’s see…did I send her something last year?  And if you’re into reciprocity: Did she send anything for my birthday?)

Keeping a nice simple list means you always have a ready reference.  As well as a memory jog, it can also be a source of inspiration – sometimes I ‘rediscover’ good gift ideas just by looking at lists of gifts I’d given. 

All in all, I can’t recommend this little system highly enough!


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One Response to “Gift lists: keeping tabs”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I think that’s an awesome idea!

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