Give gift vouchers a golden glow

One problem with giving a gift voucher is that it looks so insubstantial: it’s just a slip of paper, after all.  And you can’t really ‘wrap it up’, because there’s hardly anything to wrap up.  So it ends up being tucked into a greeting card or perhaps an envelope.  Not very inspiring.

When I do give gift vouchers – not all that often, as discussed earlier – I’ve taken to putting them in a gold envelope (available in packs from stationery stores).  The glitter of the envelope lends a festive touch of colour, and announces, like gift wrapping on a present: “Something interesting is inside!”  Depending on how fabulous the gift voucher inside is, the gold envelope can also be dressed up further with ribbons, wax seals etc.

It definitely gets a better response from the gift recipient than, “Oh, what’s this?” as they bend to pick up the voucher that’s slid to the floor when they opened their card.




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