On being prepared

In stock now: a rainbow of ribbons

From time to time I’m told, “The presents you give are always so beautifully wrapped!  You’re so good at it – but I’m hopeless!”

Whereas the reality is: I’m not especially talented at gift wrapping.  Although I do try to ensure the gifts I give are attractively wrapped, I wouldn’t say I have any special skill at it.

What I do have is: organisation.  I keep gift wrapping paper in stock.  Also ribbons for trimming the parcel, and some greeting cards – birthday and general purpose.  And a dedicated place to store all of them.  It’s easier to have presents beautifully wrapped if you actually keep some supplies on hand at all times.  (This is a no-brainer, of course, but it’s amazing how people can overlook the need for this, and are then disappointed that the presents they wrap look either dull or incomplete.)

I’ve been noticing that my stocks of gift-wrapping ribbon were running a bit low recently.  So this weekend I snapped up some new stocks at a local haberdashery store that was having a sale.  Five metres apiece of eight different colours of gauze ribbon totalled just $17.40 (at 40% discount).  That’ll help replenish my stocks for another year, and ensure I have a enough range of colours to complement whatever wrapping paper I happen to be using.  I do like to use a variety of ribbon types, but for me, gauze ribbon is a basic staple – always looking festive. 

Having good wrapping supplies is similar to being well dressed.  It reminds me of a fashion quote I once read: “The more clothes you have, the better dressed you can be” (or words to that effect).  In essence – the more options you have on hand, the more combinations you can put together.  Which works equally well for fashion or gifts.


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2 Responses to “On being prepared”

  1. Charissa - The Gifted Blog Says:

    What cool colors! It might be hard to choose just one per gift…I wonder what it would look like to use two. Anyway, way to plan ahead!

  2. kate200 Says:

    Yes, two together – either complementary or wildly contrasting – would look terrific! The thing I like about gauze ribbons is that, being transparent, other nearby colours meld with them, as the light shines through.

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