About Giftology

This is a blog about giving and receiving gifts – both the practicalities (tips, ideas, advice) and the psychology/sociology of gift giving; also quotes and extracts about gift-giving.  ‘Giftology’, for want of a better word.  (And because my other choices were already taken!)

Too trite a topic?  Well, possibly.  Certainly there are more important things to blog about – war, peace, global warming, current affairs, et cetera.  But there is no shortage of people blogging about these things already.  So this little corner of the blogosphere is dedicated one of my pet interests, the niche of human behaviour involved with giving and receiving. 

You’ll find tips and advice on gift giving, based on years of personal experience and observation, plus some cautionary tales of gift-giving gone wrong. 

I try to temper any criticism with understanding – for over the years I’ve probably made every gift-giving mistake ever made!  These days I like to think I make fewer gift gaffes, but can’t swear that I’ve fully eradicated them.

While occasionally I make product recommendations, any such recommendations are based on my own personal experience and, unless stated, are not paid for or sponsored in any way.

Incidentally, the gift photos in the headers are all taken from actual gifts I have wrapped and given during the past year.

Enjoy the blog – and please share your comments, observations and experiences.


P.S.  Names, where used, have usually been changed.  But all anecdotes related are true.


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