Gift finder

The table below gives a guide to possible gift ideas.  A way to focus your thoughts is to consider what sort of things that person enjoys.  For example:

What does he/she like to… Some examples:
eat? Candy and chocolate

Cakes, brownies, muffins, specialty breadsGourmet treats – jams, pickles, cheeses, cured meats

Traditional food (eg from their culture or home country)

Fruit – fresh or dried

Treat them to a meal at a fabulous restaurant

Surprise them with a wonderful picnic

Have a cake professionally decorated for them, or make a special one yourself.

drink? Homemade lemonadeUnusual drinks like elderflower presse

Local or imported wine, aperitif or dessert wines; champagne

Boutique beers


Beautiful glasses from which to drink their favourite beverage

listen to? CDs

DVDs of live performances

Tickets to live performances

iTunes vouchers

Posters and T-shirts of favourite musicians/bands

Autograph of favourite musician

read? Books by their favourite writer, or on a favoured topic (check first if they have the title already, though, or if they plan to buy it)

Magazine subscription

First edition copy of a fondly-remembered book

Book voucher

Autograph of a favourite writer

wear? Screen-printed T-shirt

Accessories – jewellery, bag, socks

A snuggly dressing gown for cold winter evenings…

…or a cool silky kimono for warm summer evenings

smell? Perfume/eau de cologne/aftershave

Soap/talcum powder/bath lotion/shower gel

Scented candles

follow or play in sports? Tickets to an event

Merchandise associated with the sport/team  (clothing, books, etc)

Autograph of favourite sportsperson

watch on TV or at the movies or at the theatre? DVDs of favourite movies/TV programmes/actors

Merchandise for same (posters, books, etc)

Autograph of favourite actor

Tickets to live theatre shows

(Remember old favourites as well as current ones – also movies they meant to see earlier this year, but didn’t make it to.)

do as a hobby or interest? Look for gifts linked to these activities, eg plants, seeds or gardening accessories for keen gardeners; camping gear and maps for hikers.

Some other ‘springboards’ for gift ideas: does your loved one have:

  • a favourite colour?
  • a favourite animal?
  • a Zodiac star sign that they believe in?

If you’re still scratching your head for ideas, check out these suggestions for ‘hard to buy for’ people.


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