‘Hard to buy for’ people – some ideas

For some of our loved ones, gift ideas flow endlessly.  For others, the well just seems dry – perhaps because they have few hobbies or interests, or sometimes because they are well-off and already seem to own everything they could possibly want or need. 

Here are some tips for things that may ‘work’ for the Hard To Buy For set.  I’ll keep adding to it as inspiration arises.  Good luck!

  • a gorgeous coffee mug or tea cup (or two, or a set of them) – perhaps teamed with some gourmet coffee beans/ground coffee, or tea leaf mixture.
  • diary or notebook.  Often these can be creatively bound, with beautiful covers, illustrations, bookmarks, gold leaf page edges etc.  Consider also: travel diaries and household diaries.
  • a calendar for next year – these make great Christmas gifts. 
  • a drop of their favourite tipple.  Wine?  Beer?  Spirits?  Liqueur?
  • something personalised with their name or nickname on it – mug?  beach towel?  necklace?  keyring? etc
  • a high-quality pen – always a pleasure to write with.  You may like to have it engraved with a message or name, too.
  • food, candy, cakes – anything tasty.  Ideally a special treat or their favourite food.  Also consider handmade cakes and cookies, or a specially decorated birthday cake.
  • take them out to lunch or dinner at a special restaurant.  If your budget doesn’t stretch that far, how about ‘high tea’ at a swank hotel? 
  • tickets to a sports game, theatre event or music show.
  • their ‘birthday newspaper’
  • sheepskin or fur or orthotic insoles are a lovely treat for the feet
  • lanterns are useful and can be very beautiful too.
  • likewise, umbrellas can be attractive and useful too.  Think mini/micro purse-sized umbrellas, or those gorgeously illustrated ones with dazzling designs of flowers or wildlife.
  • a good-quality handcream is always useful.  (Although this gift is mostly a female thing, you’d perhaps be surprised at how many men suffer from dry skin and would love to have some moisturiser, any moisturiser.)
  • an attractive plant or potted flowers, like a terracotta tub of violas, a hanging basket of cherry tomatoes or even a sunflower.
  • many charities have practical gifts, where you purchase – in your loved one’s name – something like a farm animal, or a much-needed eye operation, or a water pump, that will make a huge difference to a third world family.
  • if in doubt, there’s always the time-honoured option of getting them a gift voucher

And finally…one idea for people to whom you are reasonably close …ask them!  Most people will not be at all offended if you ask them for gift suggestions, and will be pleased at the opportunity to give you some input.

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