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“Eat me”

January 15, 2010

There’s a great example of creative gift-giving in Marian Keyes’ latest novel, The Brightest Star in the Sky (Michael Joseph, 2009):

Laid out on…the counter was a series of gifts for her.  A bottle of champagne with a Post-it saying ‘Drink me’; a kilo box of Godiva chcolates saying ‘Eat me’; a huge bunch of roses saying ‘Smell me’; and a pink beribboned box of wispy underwear saying ‘Wear me’.

What a great way to give presents when you can’t be there in person!  (The giver of this lovely loot had unfortunately to be overseas on business on the day of his girlfriend’s birthday.

Definitely worth emulating, even if on a smaller scale – not all of us can afford kilo boxes of Godiva chocolates, etc.

And the clever, instruction-based labelling is itself probably inspired by the food and drink that Alice discovers in Alice in Wonderland (or is it Through The Looking Glass?  I’m never sure!)


A very merry unbirthday

October 17, 2009

Remember the part in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where Alice, Humpty Dumpty and friends have an ‘un-birthday’ party?

Unexpected gifts are among the most delightful, I think.  For, no matter how superbly you’ve chosen a person’s birthday or Christmas gift, the fact remains that these gifts are expected.  So the only surprise factor is in what you’ve chosen for them. 

A gift out of the blue can give a lot of joy to both the giver and the recipient.