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Award-winning gifts

July 16, 2009

Here’s something really different: nominate your loved one for an award.  If they have achieved in some field or other, from community service to business to the arts, chances are they might qualify for a local or national award.

In Commonwealth countries, there are a range of awards bestowed by the Queen; in other countries, check out civic, industry or achievement awards and the like.  Local or national ‘halls of fame’ are another idea.

Nomination forms are, these days, usually available online.  To boost your chances of success you’ll need to write a really thorough nomination, packed with supporting facts and statistics – and, ideally, some letters of support from relevant people or organisations.  This takes a fair bit of your time – but on the other hand, the award comes at no monetary cost.  Allow for the fact that it will probably take months for your nomination to trickle through the evaluation process; and bear in mind that the nomination may not be successful – so never tell the person that you’ve nominated them!  Let it be a lovely surprise instead.

I’ve successfully nominated two of my favourite music artists for national awards, and it was gratifying to see the boost the subsequent publicity gave to their careers.  And, one imagines, to their self-esteem also. 

I’m also urging my husband to lobby support from his local soccer team to put in a nomination for the team’s long-serving administrator.  For the past 20 or more years, this guy has made that club tick.  Public acknowledgement of his hard work would, I am sure, give him massive pride and satisfaction, richly deserved.  It’s a gift that will last a lifetime.