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Something sweet

May 19, 2009

Candy – an ever-popular gift.  Also one of the most clichéd.  When somebody gives you a box of leading brand chocolates, it’s nice – but usually also suggests that they couldn’t think of something more original. 

Yet I still have a soft spot for candy – both giving it and eating it!  And it needn’t be boring.  Here are some ideas on how to put a new spin on candy:

  • Luxury: a selection of fine, handmade chocolates
  • Nostalgia: old fashioned ‘sweet shop’ candy such as lemon drops, barley sugars, jelly babies, sherbet, aniseed wheels, gobstoppers, etc. 
  • A taste of home: my British relatives love UK-imported sweets, which remind them of the candy of their childhood
  • Exotic: such as genuine Turkish Delight, made with real rosewater.  Or French nougat.  Or Scottish toffees.  Or Russian chocolates (recommended!)
  • Novelty: like chocolate figurines or gourmet jelly beans – or the “anti-establish mints” that I saw recently!
  • Home-made: try making it yourself – fudge, taffy, rum babas, peanut brittle, etc.

Hopefully that’s got both your digestive and creative juices flowing!  The trick is to find the speciality candy stores in your area (and websites) that stock more than just the same old mainstream brands. 

Happy gifting!