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Fudging the issue

July 7, 2009

True story: Martha’s family had a dear friend called Laura who every Christmas used to make big batches of fudge as presents, prettily gift-wrapped.  The only problem for Martha’s family: they hate fudge – it’s too sweet for them.

There were some interesting gift dynamics at play.

For a start, it never occurred to Laura that maybe not everyone would like her self-proclaimed “famous fudge” as much as she did.  Or that, over the passing of the years into more health-conscious times, pounds of densely sugar-packed candy were perhaps not the most thoughtful gift she could give her friends, some of whom had developed weight and health problems (not that I’m blaming that on Laura’s annual gift of fudge, mind). 

Oddly, neither did it occur to Martha’s family that, disliking fudge, they didn’t actually have to eat it.  After all, it really is the thought that counts!  Apparently they bravely chewed their way through the unwanted fudge, each holiday season. 

“Why didn’t you give it away?” I cried, when I heard their sorry tale of sucrose overload.  “Or even throw it out, if need be?”  I was aghast at the lost opportunity for them to have moved the fudge on to somebody who loves it – judging by the amount of fudge on the market, there’d be no shortage of takers out there.  They could have regifted it, or just plain given it away.  If they were feeling up to having ‘a courageous conversation’, they could also have tactfully raised the matter with Laura, and suggested that maybe they could just exchange Christmas cards instead.

Which, last year, is what they finally did.