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Basket case

June 7, 2009

…or rather, the case for baskets. To use as gift baskets.

Pictured below are some baskets I have on hand, ready to pretty up and use as gift baskets when and if the occasion arises. I pick them up at a local charity shop, for 50 cents or a dollar each.

I’ve found they can be a very useful part of a gift: if I’m giving several smaller things, that look a bit ‘bitsy’ separately, putting them all in a gift basket seems to unify them.

They’re also handy just for nice little random gifts, like a basket of cookies or muffins. (Not that I have much time for baking these days, with an active toddler at my feet. But still.)

Transforming them from regular baskets into ‘gift’ baskets just takes a few minutes, dressing them with any ribbons and rosettes I might happen to have on hand; sometimes even a couple of balloons, added to larger baskets. I pad the base out with tissue paper, coloured or plain, tucked in loose folds.

If I’m going for a really festive look, I might sprinkle Hershey’s Kisses over the gift-laden basket, and wrap the basket with cellophane, tied at the top with yet more ribbon. A gift basket dressed up like that, with “all flags flying” makes quite a statement and – in my experience – never fails to delight.

Gift baskets

Below: one of the above baskets, flossied up (slightly – I didn’t have as much ribbon on hand as I would have liked) into a gift basket.  Somehow putting all the gifts into a basket makes them so much more appealing than just the “pile of gifts” that they would otherwise have been.