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Historic birthday cards

March 19, 2010

I rather like these date-specific birthday cards, peppered with photos and interesting snippets of information about what notable other things – besides your birthday – happened on that particular day.

I’ve got one for my father-in-law’s birthday later this year – he’s quite a history buff and not a particular fan of the usual kissy-kissy birthday cards.  I think he’ll find this card fascinating.

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Christmas card decoration

January 23, 2010

You can see why I was reluctant to throw out this pretty card.

Here’s how an attractive Christmas card avoided being thrown out in the trash recently, and instead ended up as a beautiful decoration which will grace our tree this December and every year thereafter, I hope.

Inspired by The Gifted Blog’s recent post about how an artist turned some gift wrap into a beautiful Christmas decoration, I decided to do the same with a pretty Christmas card we’d received.  It was a good quality card, featuring an angel made of three layers of felt and fabric.  January rolled around, but that card was simply too gorgeous to throw out…but what to do with it?

Charissa’s post was the answer to my predicament, and has provided me with a decoration that is not only pretty, but is a keepsake that will remind me of my friend Jan, who sent it.   

Now an angel decoration to grace the Christmas tree every year.

Thank-you notes: what NOT to write

October 15, 2009

Okay, having taken the trouble to put pen to paper to thank somebody for their kind wedding gift/engagement gift/anniversary gift/baby gift/etc, here’s what NOT to write:

“Thank you so much for your gift, we love it.”

Notice how the thank you is so bland that the gift itself is completely unspecified?  Kinda gives the impression that the recipient has NO FREAKIN’ IDEA what your gift was, huh? 

I’m assuming that this trend (if indeed it is a trend) towards generic thank-yous is to save time and effort, allowing every thank-you note to be more or less identical.  But to me it smacks of selfishness: “I just want to dash off these thank-you notes so I can get them out of the way.”

At risk of channelling Emily Post, let me advise this: always, always mention what the gift was – lest you plant a seed that you have no recollection whatsoever of what it was they gave you…giving rise to the impression that their gift was so unimportant, so unappealing, that you can’t even recall what it was exactly.  Not a good look.

Mentioning what the gift was won’t save you time, but it will prove that you’ve got class.

Get well soon!

October 9, 2009

I’ve been browsing for ‘get well soon’ cards today, on account of a family friend having had a heart attack recently.

It took some doing to find one that was just right for Richard.  I was amused at one range of cards that pictured, in the style of the Old Masters, an assortment of elegant wines and cheeses.  I suppose the idea being: “Get well soon, so you can enjoy a lovely Beaujolais and rocquefort again.”  But the reality is, for heart attack (and many other) patients – they’ve got many weeks of hospital recovery and won’t be allowed anything like rich food of this sort for ages.  So the card actually becomes a kind of taunt:  “Nyah nyah, you can’t have any of this!”

Plus, in Richard’s case, he’s an alcoholic.  Well, a recovered alcoholic (if that’s the term.)  He’s been on the wagon for more than 20 years now, but I figure, a card with wine on it is probably not a good look.

Christmas 2009: retail gets underway

September 25, 2009

It’s official: the Christmas season is now starting to make itself known in stores. 

Today, while in a High Street stationers, I noticed a display of “across the miles” Christmas cards – you know, the ones you send to friends and relatives overseas, sending them early in order to pay lower postage costs.  The trade-off being that the cards are sent by slower sea-freight.

Because I’ve already tiptoed into starting my Christmas shopping, the sight of the Christmas card display did not fill me with shock or dread.  Actually, if anything I thought it was a little on the late side, what with this nearly being October and all – I’ve heard of Christmas displays being in the shops as early as August.  

So…here we are!  Christmas is officially on its way!  Now is a good time to start making lists.

The last word in bridal elegance: thank-you

July 31, 2009

Many a bride is full of energy and organisation, pre-wedding.  Checklists, spreadsheets, the works.  Then after the wedding, all that energy often collapses.  As a result, it’s sometimes months before the thank-you cards go out.  Not a good look.

I’ve noticed that delays in sending out thank-yous are often a result of (in addition to post-wedding exhaustion)  the cards having photos from the wedding on them.  This means a special print job which take weeks to organise with your photographer and printer.  Meanwhile, momentum is lost as the excitement of receiving the gifts fades.

With this in mind, I have two tips for brides (or anyone helping plan a wedding):

  1. Get the thank-you cards printed at the same time you have your wedding stationery printed.  Or buy some tasteful pre-printed thank-you cards from a stationery store.  Either way, have thank-you cards waiting and ready to go before the wedding.
  2. Write the cards up as soon as possible after the wedding.  If you’re not immediately going on your honeymoon, write up those cards before you leave, and get them in the mail.  You’ll be pleased not to have the weight of this future chore hanging over your head while you’re away.  It doesn’t need to be a long note – a brief but sincere thank you is all that’s required.  People understand that you’re busy at this time; you can catch up with them in more detail later.  If you know you’re going to drag your heels on this chore, co-opt your husband or a friend to badger you into completing this task by a certain date.

If your heart is set on being an elegant bride, part of the package is getting those thank-yous out in a timely manner.  ‘Thank-you’ really is the last word in being a truly beautiful bride.

What a card!

July 20, 2009

I’m a big fan of greeting cards. (Not just pretty ones, though those are good too.) But once in a while you’ll spot a card that is really brilliant – it makes you laugh out loud and you just know the person it’s intended for will do the same.

The wording is unfortunately forgotten now, but I remember years ago seeing a card that did exactly that – it summed up everything that needed to be said, in the funniest way. I sent it to a family member; she roared with laughter when she opened it, and raved about it to me later. The belly laughs it gave us were just as good as any gift-wrapped present.

In another example, a friend searched for the perfect birthday gift for her son, then serving overseas in the armed forces. He had plenty of money and was serving in locations all around the world – he could get all the ‘stuff’ he wanted. In the end, what she sent was a special greeting card, the type that has a miniature recording device in it so you can record your own personal message. The whole family recorded a birthday greeting to him, and the card was soon winging its way to him. I’ll bet he appreciated that card as a truly wonderful and unique gift for bringing him close to his loved ones.

Of course, the only way to find such distinctive cards, apart from making them yourself, is to get out and look. A 10 minute browse in your favourite stationery store every now and then should be plenty, and will help you stumble across the occasional ‘gem’ that will linger in memory for years.

Tip of the week: greeting cards

May 24, 2009

Some stationery retailers periodically offer cut-price greeting cards through their loyalty schemes.  For example, several times a year Whitcoulls discounts its cards to half price for loyalty scheme members. 

I pop in and snap up the loveliest cards: embossed, gilded, handmade, photographic…the works, getting several ‘Happy Birthday’ cards plus a few ‘blank for your message’ ones.  The 50 percent discount enables me to buy cards whose prices I’d normally baulk at.  Pictured below are some of the latest ones I have “in stock” at my place (i.e. in a drawer in a spare bedroom.)

It means I almost always have a suitable greeting card at home, at the ready.  And I think people do appreciate receiving a really gorgeous greeting card, rather than a run of the mill one.

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