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Diamonds or dentures?

June 11, 2010

Saw the strangest thing in a jewellery store recently, while I was waiting to pick up a repair.  A woman was having an alteration made to a diamond ring her husband had recently given her, and was discussing the ring alteration with the sales attendant. So far, so normal.

But here’s the thing: that customer had the worst teeth ever: some missing, many crooked, and with chunks out of the front ones – big square chunks, like miniature barn doors, right out of the top front two teeth.  I’ve rarely seen teeth that bad and was hard put not to stare.  I couldn’t help wondering: with choppers that unsightly, why bother with gifts of jewellery? Shouldn’t every possible dollar that couple had be channelled towards getting that lady’s teeth repaired?  That would do so much more for her appearance than any diamond could.  She could be wearing the Hope diamond, the Crown Jewels of England, and the entire contents of Tiffany – but it would still be her bad teeth you would notice first. 

If it were me, I know I’d be dashing out of the store immediately, and running straight to the dental surgery a block south, plonking down every penny for whatever repair work the dentist could offer. But we’re all different and therein, I guess, lies “life’s rich and varied tapestry.”


Gifts of the rich and famous

March 29, 2010

Check out these amazing celebrity jewelry gifts, such as those exchanged between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor, JFK/Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, and, more recently, David and Victoria Beckham. 

Ornate and often ostentatious gifts, but interesting nonetheless.

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Priceless (finger) prints

March 1, 2010

What a great idea – turning a newborn baby’s fingerprint into a silver pendant!  Original and charming. 

It’s clearly a twist on baby hand- and foot-print molds, yet is somehow more personal (you can wear it near to your heart), it takes up less space and will make for a wonderful piece of heirloom jewelry – imagine having a keepsake like this to pass down through the generations!

Would make a lovely gift for new parents.

Baby love

January 17, 2010


Not your typical baby gift

I got this ceramic, heart-shaped brooch as a gift for a friend who recently gave birth to her second baby.

I figure she’s probably got all the baby stuff she needs, and hopefully this brooch will serve as a permanent keepsake of one of the most significant moments in her life.

Was it expensive?  No – it was wildly reasonable – just $20!  I purchased it from a local municipal art gallery (so in fact the brooch is also an artwork as well as a piece of jewellery) and cost less than I would have paid in a high street design store.

Keys to please

September 27, 2009

I’m liking, a lot, Tiffany’s range of key pendants – they’re elegant and creative (and, by Tiffany standards at least, not terribly expensive*).  A good gift for anyone who has “the key to your heart.”

That said, buying jewellery can be difficult – you need to have an idea of the recipient’s style preferences, including whether he/she likes gold or silver (or platinum) best. 

* and if they’re still too expensive for your budget, wait a while: I have no doubt that other jewellers will soon be making more affordable versions.

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Diamonds are for Mimi

June 27, 2009

Did you know that in 2006 the son of the Sultan of Brunei, Prince Azim, sent Mariah Carey an 8 carat platinum-set diamond necklace and matching ring?

The multimillion dollar gift was delivered to the songstress in suitably over-the-top style – by private jet.

There’s no word on whether the attention-getting gift netted Prince Azim a relationship with Miss Carey (if indeed that was his aim), but she has subsequently married someone else, so I guess in the long haul, even 8 carats isn’t enough if you’re not the right guy.

And incidentally, good to see Mariah didn’t take Scarlett O’Hara’s mother’s advice on gifts from gentlemen admirers too seriously!

More info on this eye-popping present here.

The last necklace

June 3, 2009

Last year I heard a young work colleague vow he would never buy his girlfriend any jewellery again, ever. The reason? Ed had bought her a yellow-gold necklace, and she not only exchanged it for a white-gold one, but got him to pay the extra money the white-gold version cost (which was quite a bit more). He was offended at her nerve – and I don’t blame him!

I could only wince at his girlfriend’s callowness; she is a sweet girl, but had blithely hurt Ed’s feelings – and showed a serious lack of class – in her desire to satisfy her personal preferences. One day perhaps she’ll come to understand that, although exchanging gifts is generally acceptable (depending on your relationship with the giver), demanding extra money from the giver in order to ‘upgrade’ your gift is never okay. In fact, it’s a solid-gold way to guarantee fewer gifts from that person in future.

Gifts and mixed messages

May 26, 2009

“I told her I hated her and bought her a diamond ring.  She told me she loved me and sold it.”

Actions speak louder than words in this wonderfully succinct excerpt from Microphones up my nose (John Dybvig and Ray Lillis; Random House, 1993), in a chapter where sports commentator John Dybvig reminisces about a tempestuous love affair.